Maryland SmartBuy 2.0 Program

Get a fresh start in your new home—without student loans.

Have a friend or family member with student loan debt who wants to buy a home? 

If so, now may be the perfect time to buy a home. 

The Maryland Mortgage Program is launching Maryland Mortgage Smart Buy 2.0*, effective August 6th. 

This is an updated program that enables borrowers to pay off up to $30,000 of student loan debt at closing.  Borrowers must have at least $1,000 of existing student loan debt.

Borrowers can also apply for a $5,000 Downpayment Settlement Expense Loan (known as DSELP).

$3 million has been set aside for first-time homebuyers to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. 

Learn more details here Buy a Home and Wipe Out Student Loans

or call us right away at (410.929.4615) 

Act now before funding is gone!

* Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP) Guidelines apply.  Must use an approved MMP lender.  Call us for more details

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