Expert Home Seekers

Your experience with us if you want to buy a home

  • First we meet to ask questions, and listen to what you want to accomplish. We take the time to walk you through the home buying process; and inform you on “what not to do” during the loan process so that the transaction comes to a successful close.
  • Depending on your time frame, we block time just for you each week, or each day if necessary, to view properties.
  • Once a home meets the criteria that “you like it, could see yourself living in it and would like to write an offer on it,” we then provide a market analysis of the property so that you do not pay more than a home is worth.
  • We’re with you during the home inspection.This is your opportunity to learn the workings of the home you are about to purchase. Together we make certain you are comfortable with the challenges an existing home could present.