Top 10 signs that You're ready to Sell:

1. Your 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath condo is just not cutting it for a family of 4, or even 3. Your kitchen counter now doubles as your desk or classroom, and your 4-legged friends and kids make surprise guest appearance(s) on your Zoom meetings. You need more SPACE!  


2. After watching the Netflix show The Minimalists: Less is Now, you're on a decluttering rampage. "It's less expensive to pack and move fewer things." You're not quite sure why you're considering this; however, in your mind, you see a moving van in your future.


3. Asking yourself the question for fun, "What price could I get for my

house in this market? What would the price have to be for me to consider selling?"


4. You want a Great Room addition. However, you don't have the bandwidth to make a million+ decisions for the design and build. You just realized that the current borrowing rates are sooo LOW, thus allowing you to BUY a new home with a Great Room already attached.


5. You're scrolling the public real estate search engines into the wee hours of the night - just to see what's out there.


6. Your job lets you work virtually. "WAIT! I can LIVE ANYWHERE???!!!! Perhaps consider a lower cost of living area.


7. The house has become too much to manage in physical labor as well as expense. Who wants to paint that living room one more time?


8. Your great aunt or uncle left you a wonderful home that you have no desire to live in or maintain. Love them!

9. You've decided that it's better to sell now when the market is hummin' compared to the unknown of 2 years from now. Buyers are getting ridiculously low interest rates and are on the hunt for a great home.

10. Last but not least, you're just ready to get to a new place.

We know the thought of selling is daunting. Where do you begin? Where will you go? How can you add one more thing to your 36-hour day? You're overbooked as it is with clients/patients & Zoom meetings, taking Lucy (the dog) to the groomers, the tutor for the kids, meal planning/prep & cooking - keeping on top of it all.  We get it.

Let us focus on creating your thriving space to sell for top dollar, while you focus on your business, clients, raising Super (s)Heros, and Lucy.



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